Barefoot Shiatsu

Barefoot Shiatsu

Barefoot shiatsu massage using ceiling poles

Barefoot Shiatsu is a wonderful massage technique, where the energy flow of the whole body can find balance. The massage practitioner applies pressure and gliding techniques with the feet to stimulate the meridian flow, to release tension, and flush painful discomfort from tissues and muscles.

Applying compression and integrating the new gliding techniques with the feet allows depth as well as soothing and nourishment. Massaging with the feet while utilizing balance and body weight allows deep firm pressure without strain and offers four tools instead of two hands.

To use the feet as a massaging tool, the practitioner learns the art of balance. All the massage movements originate from the center of the body, also called “Hara” from where we are connected to the universal energy. With this abundance and centered body alignment, it is delightful to receive and provide a uniquely trans-formative custom massage.

Using the Wisdom of the ‘Five Elements

The understanding of the ancient wisdom of the “Five Elements” related to our body, mind, and spirit, helps the massage therapist to understand the relation of various pains, aches, and weaknesses and can then balance the flow of the meridians to which the weakness is related.

How is Barefoot Shiatsu different?

Barefoot Shiatsu is a technique done while the client is fully clothed in loose garments.  Barefoot Shiatsu is done with the client lying on a low table or mat on the floor, according to preference. It is convenient because it can be scheduled any time since a shower is unnecessary—there is no oil to wash off. A barefoot massage can either be done after a day’s athletic activity or work to relieve overused muscles or before such activities for peak performance.

How effective is barefoot shiatsu massage?

Barefoot Shiatsu with Staff

Barefoot shiatsu massage is, just practical. The foot is twice the size of the hand and can cover twice the distance of a hand on the body. The foot provides a more concentrated type of pressure than a hand, elbow, or finger, without the “pointed pressure” of a thumb or elbow.  Due to the shape of the foot, the client receives the benefit of massage techniques done with thumbs or elbows, while experiencing deep effective massage in a reduced time.  Because of his experience performing thousands of massages on people in pain from hard labor and patients in physical therapy, Nicola has developed additional special techniques for cramped muscles in the low back, hips, legs, hands, shoulders, and neck that are more efficient than a typical hand & oil massage.    For example, barefoot shiatsu techniques done on the shoulders and low neck muscles can enable the client to gain relief *65% faster than in a Swedish style massage because of the body angle of the masseuse.

Is barefoot shiatsu good for athletes or people who perform hard physical labor?

Yes, barefoot techniques can be used effectively to help athletes or anyone who works their body hard. With athletes, barefoot can help achieve peak performance, or to assist in recovering from overused muscles.  With people who work hard performing tasks such as drywalling, framing, heavy cleaning, or yard and gardening work, barefoot shiatsu is ideal to help speed recovery of cramped muscles and enable a return to the work you love.

Are there any metaphysical benefits to barefoot shiatsu?

Barefoot shiatsu can enable the flow of energies through the body’s chakra’s, and assist in balancing them. When the chakras are energized, many unexpected healing benefits can result. Barefoot Shiatsu is also a “grounding” experience, which can enable metaphysical experiences to occur and become fully integrated within the person.



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